Flexible parametric AFT models

The staft package implements a framework for flexible parametric accelerated failure time modelling. This is joint work with Patrick Royston (MRC CTU at UCL) and Mark Clements (Karolinksa Institutet). The below pre-print will be up very soon:

Crowther MJ, Royston P, Clements M. A flexible parametric accelerated failure time model.

We have software packages available in both Stata and R. The Stata version has been up on the SSC archive since June 2017 and can be installed by typing:

ssc install staft

Any updates can be picked up by typing adoupdate, update. Version history is available here.

Mark Clements has written the R version as part of his rstpm2 package, which is included as the aft() function. rstpm2 is available on CRAN.


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