megenreg has been superseded by merlin - please visit the merlin pages here. The below is provided only for reference.

Mixed Effects GENeralised REGression models

The megenreg packages implement the methodology described in the paper:

Crowther MJ. Extended multivariate generalised linear and non-linear mixed effects models. arXiv:1710.02223.

You can get the preprint here, which I recommend you read before trying out the accompanying software. The software is being constantly developed and improved. This page details the development of the package, both in terms of version histories and planned features to be added. Currently megenreg is only available in Stata, but the R version is in development, led by my MRC funded post-doc Dr Emma Martin.

I’m always keen to hear about uses of megenreg, so please get in contact if you find it useful in your methodological or applied work. And of course, please cite the above paper.

Links to package specific tutorials illustrating the many uses of the framework can be found below.


megenreg in Stata

The development version of megenreg in Stata, which requires version 14.2 or higher, can be installed by typing:

net install megenreg, from(

and then run adoupdate as normal to pick up any updates. I want to stress that the program is still in development, with updates being pushed all the time, with new features, bug fixes, and improved documentation. I may also change where the development version is hosted, so check back here every so often. When a stable version is released it will be put on the SSC archive, and you’ll be able to install it by using ssc install megenreg.


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