megenreg - Stata version history

16/12/17: version 0.1.8

  • family(gamma) added for gamma distribution
  • bug fix in inverse link functions

20/11/17: version 0.1.7

  • mf() element added, which allows a user-defined mata function of time. This will allow change-point models, amongst other things, to be fitted
  • family(rcs) added for restricted cubic spline log hazard models (requires strcs from SSC)
  • startig values for @s changed from 0 to 0.0001 to improve numerical derivative performance with complex models
  • ereturn list additions

27/10/17: version 0.1.6

  • fixed output of bernoulli model, labelled equation cloglog when it should be logit (was still using logit correctly in model fit)
  • random effects in results table now transformed to sds and corrs, display much improved
  • replay fixed

23/10/17: version 0.1.5

  • added family(lquantile [, quantile(#)]) for linear quantile regression
  • stable added to sort operations to ensure consistency

20/10/17: version 0.1.4

  • default cumulative hazard integration changed to 15-point Gauss-Kronrod
  • loghfunction() added to family(user)
  • improved error checks

19/10/17: version 0.1.3

  • starting value of latent coefficients were erroneously changed to 0.1 (left over from testing) in version 0.1.2; now changed back to 0
  • other minor improvements to the Mata library

15/10/17: version 0.1.2

  • constraints(), if specified, were being ignored; now fixed
  • family(null) not synced with observation level only models (models with no random effects); now fixed

12/10/17: version 0.1.1

  • restartvalues() option added to allow users to specify starting values for random effect variances. Sometimes the defaults of 1 can be too small or large and hence cause numerical problems. See the help files for more details.

08/10/17: version 0.1.0

  • First development version released


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