merlin - Stata version history on SSC

This page details the version history of the stable version of merlin on SSC.

18mar2019: version 1.2.0

  • bug; poisson logl functions missed from build - now fixed
  • weights() added to allow sampling weights
  • at1() and at2() added to predict for difference predictions; hazard, survival, cif, rmst, mu, eta difference options added
  • bug; survival model using log time + interval censoring + left interval contained a 0, would error - now fixed

27feb2019: version 1.1.0

  • family(logchazard) added for general models on the log cumulative hazard scale
  • family(rcs) replaced with more general family(loghazard) for log hazard scale models
  • interval censoring added -> linterval() option added to survival familys, only allowed in one model
  • model-specific ifs or ins now allowed
  • bug fix; predict with ci and outcome() was ignored so defaulted to outcome(1) - now fixed
  • doc fix for knots() with family(rp) - does include boundary knots
  • bug fix for starting values with family(gompertz) which prevented fitting; now fixed

07aug2018: version 1.0.7

  • added error check for presence of * in predictor
  • bug introduced in 1.0.6 stopped matching of timevar() with rcs() variable; now fixed
  • error check on . caused merlin to error out when specifying decimal points in knots(); now fixed

27jul2018: version 1.0.6

  • previously undocumented random option is now documented - draws starting values from a U(0,1) distribution
  • chazard and survival predictions missing for family(exp); now added
  • note added to end of results table that baseline splines not shown when fitting a rp or rcs model
  • when specifying only a random slope with no random intercept - an internal parsing error occurred; now fixed.

16may2018: version 1.0.5

  • ltruncated() added for delayed-entry/left-truncation in survival models. In models with random effects, the likelihood is divided through by the marginal survival function at the entry time, which results in a second set of numerical integration.

06may2018: version 1.0.4

  • bs() element added for B-spline functions. Note; if you try and predict outside the range of the boundary knots, the spline function is set to 0 i.e. extrapolation outside the range of your data is not currently supported, and no warning is given if you do this.
  • minor edit to step size in numerical differentiation used in d?[] elements
  • mf() displayed function name left over from development; now removed
  • more error checks added
  • bug fixes

30apr2018: version 1.0.3

  • bug fix; at() was ignored in predict when ci was specified - now fixed
  • predict, failure removed, cif now used instead
  • predict, cif calculation improved for family(rp)
  • predict, cif and rmst can be used with competing risks
  • predict, ... causes() added for use with cif and rmst. If left unspecified, all survival models are assumed to be cause-specific models which can be overriden by causes().
  • predict, timelost added which is the integral of the cause-specific cif
  • predict, totaltimelost added which is the integral of the sum of all cause-specific cifs
  • numerical differentiation used internally improved, thanks to Mark Clements
  • subroutine left over from megenreg was required for merlin to run; now fixed
  • documentation for adaptopts() had unavailable options - now removed

25apr2018: version 1.0.2

  • predict, cif added to calculate cumulative incidence functions from a competing risks model
  • bug fix in predict, if neither fixedonly or marginal were specified, no prediction was produced; now fixed

24apr2018: version 1.0.1

  • predict, failure added to calculate failure probabilities (1 - survival)
  • predict, rmft added to calculate restricted mean failure time i.e. expected time since failure within the prediction time interval (0,$\tau$]
  • postestimation help file was incomplete for some statistics, now updated

23apr2018: version 1.0.0

  • Initial release


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