The stmixed package began as the accompanying Stata implementation for the methodology in:

Crowther MJ, Look MP, Riley RD. Multilevel mixed effects parametric survival models using adaptive Gauss-Hermite quadrature with application to recurrent events and individual participant data meta-analysis. Statistics in Medicine 2014;33(22):3844-3858.

stmixed has now grown (and in someways shrunk!) to become a wrapper function for merlin, which gives it a lot more capabilities. More details on merlin can be found here. The new developments in stmixed are now described in a recent Stata Journal paper:

Crowther MJ. Multilevel mixed effects parametric survival analysis: Estimation, simulation and application. Stata Journal 2019;19(4):931-949. (Pre-print:

The current stable version of stmixed can be installed from the SSC archive by typing:

ssc install stmixed

Any updates can be picked up by typing adoupdate, update. Version history is available here. The development version of stmixed in Stata, can be installed by typing:

net install stmixed, from("")

and then run adoupdate as normal to pick up any updates, with version history here.


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