Multilevel mixed effects survival analysis

Joint longitudinal and competing risks model


merlin version 1.0.0

merlin version 1.0.0 now released

merlin - a unified framework for data-analysis

merlin stands for Mixed Effects Regression for LInear, Non-linear and user-defined models. The merlin packages implement the methodology described in the paper: Crowther MJ. Extended multivariate generalised linear and non-linear mixed effects models. arXiv:1710.02223. You can get the methods preprint here (or the easier to read software preprint here), which I recommend you read before trying out the accompanying software (note, merlin used to be called megenreg, and the syntax is out of date in the methods pre-print!

Three-level survival models - IPD meta-analysis of recurrent event data


Linear quantile mixed effects models


Joint frailty models for recurrent and terminal events


Weighted cumulative joint longitudinal-survival models


Multivariate joint longitudinal-survival models


megenreg - starting values

Some details on the importance of good starting values with megenreg, and my plans to reduce the worry