Course: Competing risks and multi-state models

Together with Professor Paul Lambert of the University of Leicester and Karolinska Institutet, I teach a short course on competing risks and multi-state models. Practicals are conducted in Stata, making use of the multistate package, which Paul and I developed.

Future course dates include:

  • One-day post-conference course at the Stata Nordic and Baltic Conference, 13th September 2018, Oslo, Norway. Register here.
  • Four-day course on ‘Statistical methods in epidemiology - beyond the Cox model’, 24th-27th September 2018, at Haga Forum, Stockholm, Sweden. I will be teaching multistate survival analysis on day 4 as part of track 2. Registration is open, details here.
  • Swiss Epidemiology Winter School, 24th - 26th January 2019, Wengen, Switzerland. Registration will open later in the year.

This course has run previously at:


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