Recent Publications

A list of all my publications can be found here.

. Using simulation studies to evaluate statistical methods. arXiv, 2017.

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. Extended multivariate generalised linear and non-linear mixed effects models. arXiv, 2017.

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. Multilevel mixed effects parametric survival analysis. arXiv, 2017.

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. Parametric multi-state survival models: flexible modelling allowing transition-specific distributions with application to estimating clinically useful measures of effect differences. In Stats in Med, 2017.

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As part of my research I have developed a range of software packages in Stata. More details, including tutorials, can be found on the package-specific pages:

  • megenreg - to fit extended multivariate generalised linear and non-linear mixed effects models
  • staft - to fit flexible parametric accelerated failure time models
  • multistate - for multi-state survival analysis
  • stjm - to fit joint models of longitudinal and survival data
  • survsim - for the simulation of simple and complex survival data
  • stgenreg - to fit general parametric survival models
  • stmixed - to fit multilevel parametric survival models
  • stmix - to fit two-component mixture parametric survival models
  • extfunnel - to produce extended funnel plots for meta-analysis
  • metapow - for simulation-based sample size calculations for designing trials based on an existing meta-analysis

Each package can be installed by typing ssc install cmdname within Stata. Having said that, I’m starting to move things over to git repositories, so keep an eye on the package pages for installation instructions.

Recent Posts

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Flexible AFT models

Flexible parametric accelerated failure time models


MRC New Investigator Research Grant (01/03/2016 - 29/02/2020)


Parametric multi-state survival analysis


Extended multivariate generalised linear and non-linear mixed effects models


My core teaching is on the MSc Medical Statistics course at the University of Leicester. I teach on the following modules:

  • Inference
  • Computationally intensive methods

I teach a number of short courses, some teaching material is made freely available on the course pages:

Recent & Upcoming Talks

A list of all my talks can be found here.

Extended multivariate generalised linear and non-linear mixed effect models

Thu, Oct 5, 2017, Invited seminar at MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge

A general multilevel estimation framework: Multivariate joint models and more

Mon, Jul 3, 2017, Keynote at Statistical Analysis of Multi-Outcome Data Conference


My research group currently consists of:

Research Staff

  • Emma Martin, Post-doctoral Research Associate in Biostatistics, University of Leicester. Emma is funded by my MRC New Investigator Research Grant to work on a variety of projects in multi-state survival models and joint models.

PhD students

As main supervisor:

  • Alessandro Gasparini, University of Leicester (1st October 2016 - Present) [GitHub]
    Alessandro has been working on frailty survival models and a RShiny app for use in summarising simulation studies. His main project centres on informative observations in joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data. More details on his PhD can be found here.

  • Nuzhat Ashra, University of Leicester (25th September 2017 - Present). Nuzhat is funded by an MRC IMPACT studentship and SPD Development Company, to work on joint modelling of biomarkers to predict miscarriage. She will also be working on some extensions to the stjm command in Stata, including dynamic predictions.

As co-supervisor:

  • Sam Brilleman, Monash University
    [Homepage] [GitHub]
    Sam’s been working on a variety of projects, but a core project has been development of an R package to fit an extensive array of Bayesian joint models using Stan. More details on his PhD can be found here.